I’m Prashant V Shrivastava. I was born and brought up in Udaipur city of Rajasthan province in India. I lived there till my post graduation which completed in the year 2007. As soon as I completed my MCA, I began searching for jobs and I found one in a small startup in Udaipur only.

The Times of India story

While I was waiting to join my maiden job as a software engineer, my Dad, a veteran journalist Mr. Virendra Shrivastava suggested me prepare to a write-up on a project called ‘Mansi Wakal’ which I did without paying much attention.

Actually my Dad knew my writing abilities which surprisingly I was unaware of. I wrote that article and few days later, on August 1, 2007, my Dad rushed home in the after noon and handed me a paper called Udaipur Plus which was weekly supplement of The Times of India newspaper in Udaipur. I sprung with joy and couldn’t believe on my eyes that the first page, half of the space, top side was a story called “On the Plus side of it” written by Prashant Shrivastava.

That day I realised in consonance with my Dad and Mom that I could be a writer. I immediately rushed to my desktop and wrote another articles about Fatehsagar lake. Again, it was published in the paper. Few days on, I got a call from the editor ‘Ritu Dutta’ who praised my passion and asked to write more on mutually discussed topics. This is how I became a celebrated writer in Udaipur.

How Technical Writer thing happened?

I took my job as a software engineer and continued to write as a freelance writer. My bosses loved to see the popularity of their one of the youngest employees. So now I was doing something I was meant to do. I did MCA and was supposed to write code as per guidance by the Project Manager and meet the requirement of the product or the customer. This was something more than usual and all other colleagues of my class were up to. This was interesting but not fascinating. It had room to create but it was not creativity. But then writing I knew was only a satisfying job but it had no money to make your month ends meet.

One day a need arose in my software company to write a user’s manual about the product. I was given the opportunity as my PM knew about my The Times of India publications. I studied a manual online and then wrote the one customer needed. It was good. Now I knew that I could club my technical prowess with my writing abilities and make a Technical Writer. This was then a unique position and most companies had only one such technical writer. This profile of Technical Writer though was not to offer full liberty of creativity but then it still had words to write that other would read. And this satisfaction was akin to the one I felt after having my stories published in Udaipur Plus of The Times of India every Wednesday.

Besides having an important position in the organisation, I had an added advantage: I always had time for my personal and creative writing after office hours. Generally any IT professional has to spend many extra hours at work to meet the daily milestones. And for me, any writing was a cake walk. This is how at a competitive salary package, I was living a stress-free life and had ample time for my real life.

My maiden novel “Life’s Like That

After couple of small job stints in Udaipur, I moved to Jaipur. It was a nice company and I worked here till 2013. 2013 was also the year when I got my maiden novel published by a Delhi based publisher. It took me an year to complete the story which I had begun somewhere in 2012. That year, I also got an additional responsibility of Business Analyst besides technical writing so I used to get less time free for me. Only weekends were there for me. And that too I had to spend with few months old Shranjika.

After Diwali of 2013, I got into some circumstances which needed to me to move out of the company. I took a break. Me, my wife, and Shranjika returned to parents in Udaipur. I took freelance work and helped brother in his IT company. I was getting regular offers of jobs but I was little sceptical this time. I finally chose the best of the lot and moved to Gurgaon in January 2014. As my sister-in-law was expecting in April of 2014, my wife and my daughter stayed in Udaipur and I joined the work in Gurgaon company. Same year the company fell int some crisis and many of the employees were laid off. I survived the first lay-off but then decided to quit as I got a nice offer from an MNC in NOIDA.


During my stay in NOIDA, I also wrote the winning poetry for Delhi I Love You and #MyDilliStory campaign organised by Delhi Government and Twitter India. My poetry that praises Delhi and its enthusiasm for life has been painted on the main wall of Saket City Hospital in South Delhi.

Nowadays I am working and living in Noida and life’s cool. I’m happy about everything and thankful to God and parents for all the support and blessings. My next creation could be a set of short stories, a fell feldged novel, or something surprising! I am myself waiting for the new things to surprise me!