Musafir is the pen name of lyricist Prashant V Shrivastava. You can notice the name Musafir in the maqta (the last sheir of any Ghazal) in Ghazals that have been released hitherto. Musafir means a traveler who doesn’t want to stop or halt. Musafir, the lyricist Prashant V Shrivastava has scaled many heights and has accomplished many tasks so far. From a software engineer to a newspaper contributor to a newspaper editor to novelist to poet to lyricist, Prashant has aced many fields and he is still looking solid to try new avenues.

Prashant became a lyricist in the first half of the year 2020. He began with a Radha-Krishna love song and then went on to write Ghazals. Vimal Nathan, a banker recognized Prashant’s ability to weave words around the tunes and this is how the two created many songs and Ghazals and the work is still on as many more creations are lined up for release.

Here’s a link to the YouTube Channel where most of Prashant’s songs are listed.

Prashant is known for his deep thoughts penned in simple and easy words. The poet, lyricist believes firmly that if the thought is profoundly written with deep emotions and sacred feelings, the words can be simple so that people do not need to look for meaning before assimilating the love.

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