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When its time to quit your job

One moment the mind propels to quit it on the face of boss but on the other the heart gets filled with so many scenarios and apprehensions of the near future.

How to write a masterpiece MS Word document

Useful tips for MS Word document

The word document is perhaps the most easiest and popular way to present a piece of information in most coherent way. The features and styling available with the legacy drop down menu and newly enhanced ribbon based options make it a cake walk to cast a magic on any document. In this knoll I will elaborate some easy and quick tips to enhance your boring looking document into most desirable and wonderful masterpiece.

How to write good software release notes

Release notes document is the first reference a tester or reviewer wants to see once they receive a new version of any software. Here’s a guide to write good and convincing release notes.

Job Sense!

Turn your boring job into exciting one!

Most of us get fascinated towards those advertisements or people who claim to be working freely or at the comfort of Home. I too was of same idea. At work I thought I am simply wasting my time and especially those fixed hours in which you cannot see anything other than your workstation. And I was not doing very well with my Boss…

Technical Writing Expertise

Technical writing is not as easy as normal writing. The writer not only must be sound in understanding the technology but also be a good writer of the language. So if tech writing is what you have chosen as a career, be prepared for challenging tasks ahead. However, here at this collection, I will keep sharing my knowledge for your benefit.


My life n me’

Bad start of the week during which I will be living alone

Learn to ignore…more!

I just felt relaxed. Dipped tea bag into hot whitener and just returned back to my seat. It was over. I had got the remedy and a wonderful answer to anyone who tries to disturb me. Just ignore anything until it has anything to do positive to you.

Keep your cool!

So that day I was so furious that I had decided to call it a day. A plan for alternate job was already been sketched in my mind. Co incidentally it was the day of my performance review meeting. I decided to spill all the beans as I was all set to wind up myself to other location.

Special Someone

Whenever someone enters into our life and adds colors and a zing to the present life style, our heart gets filled with elation, we complain why this person did not come earlier and at the same time we thank our luck for the wonderful gift. Now when the same person gets ready to depart from […]

New Year Resolutions

SummaIts celebration time and a good opportunity to look back and find what went wrong last year and how that can be improvised. Read on to keep your resolutions.ry