Love Makes Way is a collection of stories written by Prashant V Shrivastava. Stories are fueled by love and has love at helm. Love keeps is alive, going, and winning. This is why love in every aspect of life is the most important thing. All the stories here written by author, blogger, poet Prashant V Shrivastava are based on love with different relations.

One incorrect perception of love that Indian Cinema and movies have made is that love happens between two young actors where one being hero and the other a leading lady. That love is okay but then the real magic of love dwells in other relations where love is an unspoken emotion which the people maintain througout their life. Take an example of love between parents and child where parents love their child in all circumstances. Whether their kid becomes a hero of life or ends up being villain for the society, the love never changes.

One of the popular stories that Prashant has written in this blog is about a daughter’s love for her papa which we all see but nobody tells you. So enjoy the love that makes way.