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Prashant V Shrivastava
Prashant V Shrivastava

Words are always so important. In a moment, incorrect words powered by momentarily anger can demolish your lifelong association with someone. In a moment, some words can heal ages old wounds. In a moment when words can be so powerful that they can change lives, imagine how useful those words would be which are written after thoughtful rendezvous with self.

If you live a life worth living, it has a story worth telling for sure. So accumulate all your courage, inspirations, feelings, and start writing!

There are broadly two ways of living-one is follow the set pattern and the path will lead you to a destination many others have already scaled before you. I chose the second one which is all about following your heart and going with life. You can say that I had no guts to follow a path designed and proven by others as that could be difficult and I would happily agree. My idea of life is just that you do not need to go for traditional struggle methods to be what you want to be. You are given education till college and that makes you proficient enough to get a decent job. Generally that job does not realise a dream you have but still go ahead and grab the job. I did that. My job gave me financial security and now I can chase my dream. So I write and share stuff through many websites and blogs. You can say I am living my dream and I can say I am chasing another milestone.

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